Lightmap Plugin – Simple, Fast & Effective 5th June 2019

There’s a new plugin in town and it’s name is Lightmap. Lightmap is a WordPress based plugin; designed to tackle […]

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What is Google Analytics? 22nd April 2019

Google Analytics was launched in November 2005 according to Brian Clifton’s blog post making the software over 14 years old. […]

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How to Login to a WordPress Website 22nd February 2019

Just starting out with WordPress? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a video and a simple guide […]

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3 Reasons Your Website Needs HTTPS 18th February 2019

HTTPS has become the new talk of the town but what does it actually mean? HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer […]

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Benefits to a Responsive Website 12th February 2019

There is a lot of talk and fuss about websites now being ‘responsive’ but what does this mean and what […]

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WordPress Optimisation Tips 20th September 2017

We’ve put together a quick guide on some 3 major tips that no-one is using which is causing page speed […]

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