Using Break Glass Accounts with Microsoft 365 Tenants

As organizations increasingly rely on Microsoft 365 for their daily operations, ensuring the security of their tenant becomes paramount. One essential element of securing your Microsoft 365 tenant is the concept of "Break Glass Accounts." In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of Break Glass Accounts, explaining what they are, why they are crucial, and how to implement them to safeguard your Microsoft 365 environment effectively.

What Are Break Glass Accounts?

Break Glass Accounts are a set of emergency access credentials or accounts designed for critical scenarios when normal access controls are compromised or inaccessible. The term "Break Glass" is derived from the idea that in an emergency, you break the glass to access something crucial. In the context of Microsoft 365, Break Glass Accounts are a safety net that allows authorized individuals to gain access in situations like account lockouts, forgotten passwords, or in cases of a security incident.

Why Are Break Glass Accounts Important?

Ensuring Business Continuity: In the event of a critical incident that locks you out of your Microsoft 365 environment, Break Glass Accounts can save the day. They provide a means to regain access quickly, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Security Incident Response: In cases of security breaches, these accounts can be instrumental in assessing and mitigating the situation. They enable your security team to investigate and remediate the issue swiftly.

Compliance and Auditing: Break Glass Accounts are essential for meeting compliance requirements. By having a documented, controlled, and monitored access mechanism, you can demonstrate that you're taking security seriously.

Implementing Break Glass Accounts in Microsoft 365

Now that we understand the importance of Break Glass Accounts, let's discuss how to implement them in your Microsoft 365 environment.

Create Special Accounts: Designate a few accounts as Break Glass Accounts. These should be highly secured, with complex passwords, and limited access to only the most critical resources.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Enable MFA for your Break Glass Accounts. This extra layer of security ensures that even if the credentials are compromised, unauthorized access is significantly more challenging.

Limited Access: Restrict access to these accounts to a select group of highly trusted individuals. Ensure they understand the importance of these accounts and the need for strict access controls.

Logging and Monitoring: Implement comprehensive logging and monitoring for Break Glass Accounts. Any usage of these accounts should be thoroughly recorded and regularly audited.

Documentation and Procedures: Clearly document the circumstances in which Break Glass Accounts should be used. Create a detailed procedure for their activation and deactivation, ensuring that all authorized personnel are familiar with these processes.

Regular Testing: Periodically test the functionality of these accounts to ensure they work as intended. This includes verifying their access rights, passwords, and MFA settings.


Break Glass Accounts are a critical component of your Microsoft 365 security strategy. By proactively creating and managing these accounts, you can safeguard your organization's access to critical resources in emergency situations and enhance the overall security of your tenant. Remember that the effectiveness of Break Glass Accounts depends on their proper configuration, management, and regular testing. Don't wait until an emergency situation arises – take action now to secure your Microsoft 365 environment with Break Glass Accounts.

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