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Every website, whether it be business, personal or eCommerce etc. need to have web hosting if they want they're website to be accessible on the world wide web. As we've been creating websites for over five years, we've learned that not all web hosts are equal. We try to remove all the jargon talk and simplify it as much as possible to ensure that you understand what you're paying for and why.

If you are unsure about what web hosting is, one of the most simplest ways to remember is by think about a house. A house has an address such as #1 Street Road, London. In this instance, the street address would refer the domain name of a website, also known as a URL.

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Whereas the web hosting is the household itself. In terms of a website, this is where all of your files and databases will be stored and hosted, thus the name web hosting.

To get your website online, you'll need two key things.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting

Does Your Hosting Support WordPress?

Absolutely! There is a reason that WordPress is by far the most popular CMS platform to use, because it works! Over a quarter of the websites seen on the internet use WordPress and ours are no different! Our website hosting services cater fully for WordPress and are specifically optimised to get the very best performance out of all WordPress installations.

If WordPress isn't your thing and you prefer to use FTP/SFTP to access your website and upload your custom HTML website, we also cater for this too. We can provide you with SFTP details to access your website using FTP Clients such as FileZilla, CyberDuck and more.

Get a domain email address e.g. [email protected] today!

Do You Offer Domain Emails Addresses?

We certainly do! If you're unsure of what a domain email is, take ours for example: [email protected]. It's an email address specifically dedicated to your website. We offer 1 domain email with our standard web hosting package, but if you require more you'll need to mention this to us beforehand and get a quote for how many email addresses you require.

Why Choose Our Web Hosting?

Other web hosting companies such as GoDaddy, and FastHosts use something referred to as 'shared hosting'. This particular type of web hosting means that your website will be on the same server as over 300,000 other websites. If this doesn't ring any warning bells then let us explain... By hosting all of them websites on one server it immediately becomes a security risk. You're relying on not just your website to be secure, but another 299,999 other websites - highly unlikely.

Secondly, page speed has become an essential factor for SEO purposes and sadly to say, this shared hosting sadly let's a lot of websites down. We tend to see an extra 1 - 2 second delay just by using these shared hosting providers. When you put this into perspective, Google's guidelines ideally state that a website should load within 3 seconds. If your web hosting provider has caused your website to delay by 2 seconds, chances are the rest of your website will take longer than 1 second; potentially penalising your website for it's SEO performance. In turn, this causes your rankings to drop because your website loads extremely slow for it's visitors.

Our web hosting uses something called a Virtual Private Server (VPS) meaning the site loading speeds become insanely fast, loading on average at 100ms - 300ms seconds whilst also giving you the option to use other components that shared hosting doesn't offer such as Composer and many more libraries.

Need Web Hosting?

Our top of the range servers make your website load extremely quickly and all for an amazing price. Find out more by getting in touch with us today.

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