Modern Slavery Statement

Anti slavery policies were introduced by the government in the United Kingdom in 2015 under the Modern Slavery Act 2015. These policies were set out to ensure organisations supply chains are slavery free.

Anti slavery regulations are to describe any actions taken within your organisation to avoid any risk of having part-taken in slavery throughout the supply chain.

Companies are required to provide an anti-slavery policy if they comply with the following:

  • it is a ‘body corporate’ or a partnership, wherever incorporated or formed
  • it carries on a business, or part of a business, in the UK
  • it supplies goods or services
  • it has an annual turnover of £36 million or more

If your organisation has taken no steps to deal with modern slavery risks, you must still publish a statement stating this to be the case.


However it is recommended for all companies to complete and show an anti-slavery policy on their website.

What is Involved in an Anti-Slavery Policy?

The Home Office’s statutory guidance recommends that you cover the following 6 areas in your statement:

  1. Organisation structure and supply chains
  2. Policies in relation to slavery and human trafficking
  3. Due diligence processes
  4. Risk assessment and management
  5. Key performance indicators to measure effectiveness of steps being taken
  6. Training on modern slavery and trafficking

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