Dental Website Design

Are you looking for an exceptional website for your dental practice?

Our dental website's are fully compliant with the latest GDPR and Cookie Policies set by UK standards. We understand that client confidentiality is a must and therefore we take extra measures to ensure that your customers data stays private.

Why choose us for implementing your dental website?

It is common practice for dental practices to have the ability to text their customers reminders through SMS. At Rushax, we have the technical ability to implement these types of solutions to ensure that you stay up-to-date with the latest technologies that increase your practice's return on investment.

What if I have practices in different locations?

Having practices in multiple locations is not a problem at all, there are just a few extra steps involved. First, we want to create a road map of all the different locations you have. This will be used when creating a page specifically for each location to ensure that you are attracting local leads in your area that are using search engines to search for common keyphrases such as 'dentist near me'.

The secondary, optional step, is to identify how web forms and phone calls are distributed to the correct handle. Overcoming solutions such as this can be done by creating separate forms to be sent to different recipients.

For example:

Form 1 - Displayed on the [Location 1] page. All submissions are going to an email address [email protected] If multiple people need to receive the notification, email forwarding can be setup on our end to ensure that Recipient 1 and 2 get the form submission / web enquiry.