A domain email address is an email address that contains the suffix of a website URL. For example, if your website is example.com, a domain email would be [email protected].

If you've registered to social media channels such as facebook, you may have received a welcoming email from a domain email address.

What are the benefits of using a domain email?

If you're on the fence of whether to use a domain email for your business, take a look at some of the key benefits of using a domain email.


If you are, or looking to become, an established business, your email addresses should reflect a professional appearance. Having a branded iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook or MSN can put a lot of customers off contacting you.

Establishing Trust

Building trust from the beginning is essential, especially for any new clients that you haven't met in person before. Having a domain email subconsciously builds trust among your clientele.

Domain Email Providers

The first step in getting an email address with your domain name is to decide which type of provider you prefer to use. There are various different options available, each with their individual benefits, but the two domain email frontrunners are Google (GSuite) and Microsoft (Office 365).

GSuite - Google

GSuite has become the one of most popular email providers globally catering for both personal Gmail accounts as well as domain name emails ([email protected]). Although personal gmail ([email protected]) are free, the business version (domain emails) are premium; available on either an annual or monthly payment plan.

GSuite proposes many different benefits including:

Microsoft - Office 365

Microsoft is also a leading provider in offering domain emails to businesses. Similar to Google/Gsuite, Microsoft also has an app that is available on both iOS (Apple devices) as well as Android devices.

One primary need of many businesses is the use of popular software options such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. All of which are included inside Microsoft's upgraded Office 365 package.

How do I get an email address with my domain name?

If your looking to move towards either of these providers, the first step is to ensure you contact an accredited digital agency whom are competent around domain names, web hosting and domain emails. There are various steps included inside the migration of business emails including:

For these reasons, it's important to hire an expert rather than attempt to DIY. If you're looking to move your business emails to GSuite or Microsoft, contact us today and get a free estimate today.

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