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Lightmap Plugin – Simple, Fast & Effective

There's a new plugin in town and it's name is Lightmap. Lightmap is a WordPress based plugin; designed to tackle some of the frustrations incurred by webmasters.

Lightmap's owner, Daniel Cuttridge created the site philosophy is simple. Create a sitemap product is easy to setup, effective and.

The lightmap plugin set out to achieve something rather different than

Who was Lightmap built for?

With any product, light map had a specific purpose. It specifically tries to target SMB (Small-Medium) Businesses that do not have hundreds of different pages on their website. These types of small businesses are the perfect audience for Lightmap, due to it catering for up to thousand or so different page URLs.

Other Sitemap Plugins:

We like to be fair by assessing all other alternatives and weighing up the pros and cons of each and giving a fair assessment. This is due to us wanting to provide our customers with as much value as possible.

Comparing Solutions for Sitemap

There are few solutions available when it comes to a sitemap without having a mass overhaul of extra things you may not potentially want which are as follows:

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